Will it make me trip?

There are no psychoactive ingredients in Wonder Spark. It will not make you trip, or make you high. However, you will get an energy boost allowing you to perform at your best.

Is this safe?

Yes, Wonder Spark is manufactured in a FDA certified facility within the US. All of our ingredients have been certified by the FDA.

What makes it different?

Wonder Spark combines the best optimally dosed pre ingredients, and adds adaptogens to the mix. Adaptogens provide sustained energy and focus, eliminating energy crashes and brain fog after your lift. Additionally, it's all natural. We've removed harmful ingredients like artificial colors and sweeteners found in traditional pres.

When can I buy it?

We're aiming to launch by mid to late December. We're expecting to sell out very fast when we launch, so be sure to get notified.

How do I cancel a subscription?Ā 

If you want to cancel your subscription, please contact us support@trywonderfuel.com or visit theĀ manage subscription page. If your order has already shipped out, we will not be able to cancelĀ that subscription order.Ā 

Do you offer samples?

We do not currently offer samples of any kind. We are definitely considering offering a sample pack at some point in the future though!

Can I use it everyday?

Yes! In fact, we recommend consistent long term use to experience the greatest benefits of the adaptogens in our pre.

How is the taste?

Because our pre is all natural, taste is not a strong point. We do not use any artificial flavors or sweeteners. However, many of the early reviewers have said the taste is good!