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Wonder Spark Pre-Workout

Wonder Spark Pre-Workout

An all natural, mushroom & adaptogen packed pre-workout designed for sustained energy, elevated performance, and increased strength.

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30 Day Risk Free Trial

What's inside

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How to take

Simply put your Wonder Spark in 8-12oz of water and mix until dissolved. Consume 15 minutes prior to working out.


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With our 30 Day Risk Free Trial, you can return your Wonder Spark for a full refund if you're not satisfied with your purchase.

Explosive, sustained energy

Razor sharp

Powerful adaptogens

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The Power of Adaptogens



Naturally boosts energy, strength, and stamina levels allowing you to perform at your best.

Lions Mane


Improves mental clarity, focus, and brain fog leading to increased muscle-mind connection.

Panax Ginseng


Well known for its anti-inflammatory, immune system boosting, and fatigue-easing properties which accelerate your recovery.

The Cleanest Pre Workout

Mainstream pre-workouts are riddled with hidden proprietary blends, artificial flavors, colors, and gut-disrupting sweeteners. Our formula contains all natural/organic ingredients, delivering a sustained energy boost without the crash or jitters.

What Makes Wonder Spark Special?

Find out why thousands of gym goers are ditching their traditional pre-workouts for Wonder Spark.


What Makes Wonder Spark Special?

Find out why thousands of gym goers are ditching their traditional pre-workouts for Wonder Spark.


Is it 3rd party tested?

Yes! Wonder Spark is independently verified and 3rd party tested to ensure the purity of our formula.

Will it make me trip?

There are no Psychoactive compounds in Wonder spark, so it will not make you "trip" or get you "high".

Is Wonder Spark safe?

Yes, Wonder Spark is manufactured in a FDA certified facility within the US. All of our ingredients have been certified by the FDA.

What makes it different?

Wonder Spark combines the most studied pre workout ingredients and pairs it with clinically dosed adaptogens. These adaptogens provide sustained energy and focus, eliminating energy crashes and brain fog after your lift. Additionally, it's all natural. We've removed harmful ingredients like artificial colors and sweeteners found in traditional pre workouts.

When will it arrive?

We expect to ship all pre-orders out the week of Nov. 27th. Once your order ships out, it will arrive in 3-5 days!

Do you offer samples?

We do not currently offer samples of any kind. We are definitely considering offering a sample pack at some point in the future though!

Can I use it everyday?

Yes! In fact, we recommend consistent long term use to experience the greatest benefits of the adaptogens in our pre.

How is the taste?

Because our pre is all natural, taste is not a strong point. We do not use any artificial flavors or sweeteners. However, many of the early reviewers have said the taste is good!